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Snark SN-5 Clip On Chromatic Tuner
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Snark SN-5 Clip On Chromatic Tuner

Price: £14.99

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Don't suffer loose tuning, get a Snark SN-5
clip-on chromatic tuner & keep your tuning
tight. The SN-5 clip-on tuner is the only
clip-on tuner you'll ever need, no matter
what instrument you play. Its ultra-tight tuning
reacts directly to the vibration of your
instrument, so you never have to worry about
background noise as you tune. Just clip the
SN5 to the headstock of your guitar, bass,
violin, ukulele or any resonant part of your
instrument, and you're good to go. What's
more, the display rotates 360 degrees, so
the Snark SN5 is perfect for lefties too!

Unlike the vast majority of tuners that are
really designed to work with just guitars &
basses, the Snark SN-5 will clip onto a wide
range of instruments and provide you with
rock-solid tuning. But that's not all. Snark
also designed the SN5 to react faster than
ever before, making it easy to tune both
accurately and quickly. You'll love how
easy it is to get in tune and stay there!


Snark SN5 Guitar, Bass and Violin Tuner
Full Color Display
Rotates 360 Degrees
"Stay Put" Clip
High Sensivitiy Vibration Sensor
Positioned on Front or Back of Headstock
Accomodates Left and Right Handed Players
Frequency Range Tailored to Guitar, Bass and Violin
Can be used on all instruments
Includes Owner's Manual and Battery