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ACUS One 5 Biamplified 50 Watt Acoustic Amplifier

You Save: £20.00
Acus One 5 biamplified acoustic amp. Italian made & housed in a sturdy wooden enclosure this amp simply sounds fantastic! 50 Watts with 1x 5" Bass speaker, 1x compression driver, 3 band EQ, digital Reverb. includes sturdy carry bag available. 
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ACUS One 6 100 Watt Acoustic Amplifier

You Save: £40.00
Acus One 6 100 Watt biamplified acoustic amp. Handmade in Italy & housed in a sturdy wooden enclosure this amp simply sounds fantastic! 3 channels : Mic., Guitar, Stereo. including sturdy carry bag (worth £45) 
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Adventure Time Ookulele

Adventure Time Ookulele. A fun, easy to tune & play Soprano size ukulele that's suitable for anyone from the age of 4 upwards! 
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Akai Professional Drive3 Overdrive

You Save: £20.00
The Akai Drive3 Overdrive combines Level, Tone and Drive knobs with a Scream, Boost and Warm Drive3 switch in heavy-duty polished stainless steel housing. 
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Akai Professional Phase Shifter

You Save: £19.00
The Phase Shifter is one of the more esoteric pedals in the Akai product line. Phase includes A and B ,frequency toggle-switches and a Rate knob in heavy-duty polished stainless-steel housing. SALE PRICE! 
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AKG HC577 L Headset Microphone

The AKG HC577 L is an extremely small reference head worn mic., designed for on stage use. The microphone uses a CK77 omnidirectional transducer that has been an industry standard for years. S/H, AS NEW! 
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AKG WMS-40 FLEXX PRO UHF Headset Wireless System

AKG WMS-40 FLEXX PRO UHF Headset wireless system. Includes: SR40 receiver (3 selectable frequencies), C555 L mic, PT 40 beltpack transmitter. S/H, as new condition. Price includes sturdy metal carry case with foam fitted interior. 
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Alesis AudioLink Series MicLink XLR to USB cable

Alesis AudioLink Series MicLink XLR to USB cable. Makes it easy to direct connect any dynamic microphone to USB for mono recording. Outputs studio quality 16 bit, 44.1kHz digital audio. 
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Alvarez Regent Series RD16L Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Alvarez Regent Series RD16L left handed acoustic dreadnought guitar. Spruce top, Mahogany B&S -classic tone wood combinations that generate a warm & well balanced tone. Natural gloss finish, includes bag. 
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Aria AC70FCE

You Save: £249.00
S/H Aria AC70FCE electro acoustic classical / flamenco guitar. Spruce top, Sycamore B&S w/Mahogany NK. Fitted with Fishman Prefix Pro system. Great player, extremely good condition! 
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ART ProMix

ART ProMix -handy when you run out of channels on your mixer! 3 XLR mic. inputs, one XLR output. Each mic. channel has phantom power, low freq. cut selected by DIP switches plus level controls. Includes PSU. 
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Artec Giovanni GVT1 Telecaster Bridge Pickup

Artec Giovanni Telecaster GVT1 bridge pickup. DC resistance : 8.78k Ohm 
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Audio Spectrum AS400 Low-Z Dynamic Microphone

Audio Spectrum AS400 Low-Z dynamic handheld microphone. Ideal for entry level musicians, meeting halls, churches & general purpose use. Includes 20' XLR cable & mic clip. 
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Audio Spectrum OSM-800

Audio Spectrum OSM-800 large diaphragm condenser microphone. Price includes £20 shockmount cradle. 
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Audio Technica AT2031 Condenser Microphone

Audio Technica AT2031 -ideal microphone for stringed instruments in critical studio and live applications. Its permanently polarized element offers extended frequency response with a slight rise in the high frequency range for a more detailed sound. 
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Audio Technica ATH-AVC200 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones

Entry level closed back headphones with comfortable fit for use with home audio and video systems. Offers high quality sound for enhanced enjoyment of movies and music. Adjustable headband with contoured earpads, newly designed 40mm drivers. 
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Audio Technica ATH-M30X Studio Monitor Headphones

Designed to deliver a comfortable listening experience. Tuned for highly detailed audio, with strong mid range definition, these versatile monitoring headphones are ideal in many situations but are designed primarily for studio tracking & mixing. 
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Audio Technica ATR6250

The ATR6250 (new code for ATR25) provides extremely affordable, high-quality stereo pickup in a single microphone. Its compact design is ideal for use with video cameras and portable audio recorders. 
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Audio Technica ATW-13F AT-One Hand Held System

Designed with simplicity & ease of use in mind. Equipped with a carry case, rack mount kit & detachable antenna this system strikes the perfect balance between price / performance & gives accurate, reliable results without breaking the bank! 
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Audio Technica MB3k Hypercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Midnight Blues Series standout performance mic has an extended freq. response developed to capture vocals. Tuned to make an impact: high volumes come through without distortion, subtle nuances are clean & precise. 
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Results 1 - 20 of 426